Fay and Sean Adopt
Hoping to add to our family through adoption, again!

Meet Fay

Through Sean's Eyes

Fay and Benjamin playing outside.

Fay and Benjamin playing outside.

About Fay

I love Fay for her loving and compassionate nature. She is the ultimate mom, athletic and energetic. Whether it is kicking around a soccer ball, building with blocks or visiting the horses, Benjamin always has a great time. Fay is self-employed and sets her own schedule so she can spend as much time with Benjamin as possible. She loves Saturday cartoons, playing with toy race cars and blowing bubbles each day for Benjamin. I know she will be so happy to welcome another child into our family. 

Fay's older sister and brother both have 2 children each so Benjamin has lots of older cousins to get into mischief with. Benjamin is absolutely adored by the whole family and everyone is excited about our second adoption!