Fay and Sean Adopt
Hoping to add to our family through adoption, again!

Our Son

About Benjamin

Benjamin on his birthday.

Benjamin on his birthday.

About Future Big Brother, Benjamin

Benjamin is a loving, happy and adventurous 3 year old.  He is funny, strong and his whole face lights up when he smiles!  He loves to run around in the yard, race trucks with his friends and skip through the sprinklers in the summer.  He is outgoing, talkative, friendly and easily connects with other children.  He is interested in all kinds of music and enjoys going to his music class each week to dance and sing with other toddlers.  Benjamin can’t wait to show his baby brother or sister how to splash in puddles, build snowmen or feed carrots to the horses. He is so excited about having a sibling to explore and experience the world with!   He will be a great big brother and a lifetime friend and companion.